Peter Herbert Barnaba


Figma Brand Refresh
Identity, Brand

The material is available in presentation format, I’m working on getting all of the pieces on the site soon. 

Kalshi Brand Refresh
Identity, Brand

Brand refresh for Kalshi, a financial start-up in New York.

Material is available in presentation format, upon request.

Coming Soon (likely this week).

Figma Youtube Refresh
Identity, Brand, Social

After Figma’s refresh, there were plenty of assets that needed updating. Among them, and probably the most extensive, were the company’s Youtube covers. 

We needed a unique yet consistent way to communicate the many different features we offered, and so I made this simple rubric for the company to follow.

Bursts Postcards (Cont.)
Study, Personal

Holiday postcards for family and friends, crayon-ed, printed, and scanned.

Mia’s Floral Art (Coming Soon)
Identity, Brand, Personal

Social and web branding for a local flower shop in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. 

Coming Soon 2023.

What is life without colour?