Figma Maker Week Posters 2

Maker Week, another internal event at Figma, is kind of like a creative hacker week. Except, it’s all inclusive, so you can make literally anything. Cookies, posters, tie-dye shirts, dog collars, bracelets, presentations, you name it. You can make anything, as long as it relates to the company or benefits Figma (or it’s community) in someway.

So obviously the brand team made the posters. I absolutely love designing for Maker Week because it’s the only time we can completely break out of the company brand style and create the most insane graphics to plaster all over the walls at Figma. 

Every now and then, we set themes for Maker Week, and this theme was “creative vacation”, which rode on the notion of what could you make if you weren’t making things for work?

Or as the tagline put it, “What would you make if your brain took break?”. There were tons more awful lines that I wrote, but this one came to me after reading Dr. Suess’s If I Ran The Zoo.

We also explored other themes and concepts like OOO — Out of Ordinary, which talked to the unexpected partnerships that came out of the week. By this I mean, Maker Week wasn’t a solo thing (it could be if you wanted it to), but a team event. Design could work with sales, sales with engineering, producut and CEO or COO, just about anyone could work with anyone on anything and the end result was anything but expected. And so I made a trio of odd posters to capture that whimsical yet peculiar environment, one that would have people’s heads turning but also put a tiny smile on their faces as they walked through the office.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021