Figma Pride Loader

I am extremely grateful to Dylan (CEO of Figma), the product team, and the engineers for allowing me to suggest and design something so impactful. I also wanted to thank Clancy Slack, the data scientist, and my work-wife, for his support in this project.

Ok so here’s the long and short of it:
The LGBTQIA+ community was slim at Figma, to the best of our knowledge, and Clancy and I wanted to do something to celebrate Pride in June. We made stickers, made buttons, tried to throw an event, but it just wasn’t ‘big’ enough you know? It all seemed too skim milk.

So I had this wild idea. Can we fly the flag in our tool? Could we make our blue loading bar a rainbow instead? Short answer:

The pushback was as follows: there are Figma users all over the world and design in different countries (if you get my drift) and they might react a little differently when they see something like this, unexpectedly. And to some degree, I do agree. A company shouldn’t be pushing its unwarranted beliefs down any user's throats out of the blue.

But at the same time, this wasn’t just any old belief. This was representation. And it was something that not only was important to me but to gays all over the world. Clancy was a big help in pushing for this because I couldn’t find the words big enough to capture the impact this could have.

So after some deliberation, we decided to go through with it. Because in the end, we all decided that yeah, we might get some angry messages in support chats, but we as a company stand as one with POC, LGBTQIA+, and the better half of the world.

And so, the Figma Pride Loader will bless your screen every June for as long as Figma exists.

Attached below were some of the responses. I was managing the social media account at the time but didn’t have enough hours in the day to go through them all, but some lovely inspiring messages were sent to us. Representation does matter, even if for a few fleeting seconds.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021