I'm a digital designer in charge of simplifying and communicating the truth through brand design. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, who I believe is the best designer. 

I'm on my way to becoming a master colorist, but until then, I have lots to learn. Lots to explore. If you like my work, let's connect.
Let's make something beautiful . 


Gusto, Brand Designer (2021-2022)
TBWA Chiat/Day Designer (On Discover)
Figma, Brand Design (2017-2021)
“I urge you to step away from them. Step away from yourself right now and everything around you. Remember every inch of the existence that you created entirely on your own. Polish those imperfections and make them yours.

What makes you you is not meant to be streamlined, or watered down, or embarrassing, or weird, or hidden. If it’s violent, let it thrash. If it’s loud, project it further, give it a soap box. Go and tell it on the mountain. If it’s ugly then let it be ugly.

But if it’s nothing like that, protect it. If it’s a quiet confidence even, something so delicate, like a flickering candle in the wind, let it glow.

As small and fragile as it may seem, let it burn. Let it provide warmth for the others that are tiny enough to get close and relish in its kindness.”

— A Sudden, Unexpected Moment of Truth
Tuesday Oct 5 2021