Peter Herbert Barnaba



I’m a visual designer focusing on brand identity for start-ups, local businesses and close friends. My personal style focuses on reductionism, abstracting the world through shape, color, form and function. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, who I think is the best designer.

I smile more than I talk, so people often think of me as simple. However, it’s one of my greatest beliefs that in order to truly connect, humans ought to speak less.

If you like my work, let’s connect and make something wonderful*.

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Clients: Kalshi, Buck, VSCO,


Feel free to email me about collaborations and freelance projects regarding music, unique interfaces, local shops, murals and all things colorful ~

Figma, Presentation Design, Brand System, Copywriting, Illustration, Art Direction, Typography, UI Design, Adobe , Web Design, Branding, Storyboarding
What is life without colour?