Jazzmatics, Personal

These were a quick series of illustrations I made at a freeform jazz concert a couple of years ago. A fellow intern at Pandora, Daniel, took me to a function on the east side of Lake Merrit, Oakland, where a small band was playing.

I had to admit, it was pretty weird at first but got pretty phenomenal as the night went on. Daniel, a jazz enthusiast himself, explained to me that music didn’t need to be organized to be understood, this was an art form all on its own.

It’s a notion I kind of resonated with, as it related to some of my experiences as a creative, and I let myself ease into the chaos. And as we bobbed, swayed, shook, and jived, I scribbled down some drawings of what the songs “looked” like later in the night. As Daniel and I walked home I handed him the drawings and went on to my computer to digitize them for my team the next day.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021